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BritsList helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
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At, we thrive to bring you the safest and most modern way of buying and selling online. Members use profiles with photo identification and information to ensure who you are exactly buying and selling to. We offer "Buy-It-Now" and "PayPal" options to eliminate the blind unknown meet ups of meeting the unknown at a destination to exchange. Post for sale items in the marketplace, add friends, chat, etc. Log in fast and easy using "Facebook Log in". Buy, Sell, Trade, and Advertise your business with is locally owned and operated right here in Whatcom County, WA. Proudly brought to you by Jamie Owens and Brit Howell. The two friends work together to run this website. Jamie Owens is part owner, website designer, and app designer. While Brit Howell is part owner, advertisement manager, and graphic designer. They work hard to bring you the best they possibly can!

Thank you for the love and support of! This website was dreamed of, designed, and built for you. The possibilities are endless...

"You are BritsList!"